Since 1996, Kenneth Griswa has been creating original custom artworks and fine art sculpture for both interior and exterior settings.

Fountains, sinks, kitchen hoods, pot racks, wall cladding, gates, fences, window treatments, sculptural installations, wall art, garden sculpture, railings, pulls, ventillators, mailboxes, sinks, planters and basins, light shrouds and chandeliers...and on and on...

"Commissioned custom work has been the foundation and mainstay of my artistry. Based upon my impressions and interpretations of the space in focus and its relationship to its environment, I devine & create something totally unique and styled for my clients. Many spaces call for custom creation because of special functional design considerations, for example, a need to conceal an unsightly view, perhaps to incorporate ventilation, movement, lighting, even sound, etc. Most of my projects begin with the client's overall sense to need to change the life of a specific space with some kind of thematic adornment or treatment."

Although highly revered for his unique copper art, Kenneth Griswa works with virtually all mediums, including all metal, wood, paper, fabric, leather, found objects and beyond.

Here are just a few of the custom art projects by Kenneth Griswa.

Copper Heron
Copper Great Blue Heron Rooftop Sculpture
Corte Madera, California
©2007 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Kitchen
Copper Kitchen and Dinning Room
Los Altos Hills, California
©2004 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Bamboo Fountain
Copper Bamboo Fountain
San Rafael, California
©2006 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Gate Set
Copper Vine Railing and Gate Set
Benicia, California
©2005 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Marquee
Copper Flamingo Marquee
Castro Valley, California
©2003 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Entry Fountain
Copper Wall Fountain
Danville, California
©2005 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Washboard Fountain
Copper Washboard Fountain
Danville, California
©2004 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Vine Fence Set with Turquoise Patina
Copper Vine Fence Set with Turquoise Patina
Emeryville, California
©2005 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Seascape Wall Installation
Copper "Seascape" Wall Installation
Calistoga, California
©2001 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Kitchen Hood with Madrone Theme
Copper "Madrone" Kitchen Hood
Napa, California
©2004 Kenneth Griswa
Copper at Tasting's Restaurant and Bar
Copper at Tasting's Restaurant and Bar
Healdsburg, California
©2000 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Wall Art MoonSun
"MoonSun" Copper Wall Art
Phoenix, Arizona
©2002 Kenneth Griswa
Copper Shop Facade Art
"Tray of Plenty"
Westport, Connecticut
©1996 Kenneth Griswa