Custom Copper "Seascape" Wall Installation

Calisoga, California.
©2001 Kenneth Griswa

This kitchen & dinning area of this unique home is centrally located and features a peaked cathedral ceiling (17 feet I think), and an enormous triangular wall space above the cabinets and appliances. In the wall are two speakers and a vent, all of which were concealed (but not constricted by) elements in the scultpure.

Sheet copper with silver braze... there's over 600 little "Angelfish" making up the "swashes" of fish... this installation features many popular "firsts" of Griswak pieces: seahorses, sting rays & Angelschools... was also the first time I discovered the amazing effect of oxy-acetelyne torch cutting, both in texture and coloring.

Original hand-made custom artwork by Kenneth Griswa