Custom Copper Wall Art
"Moon Sun Dinosaur Chief"

Phoenix, Arizona
©2003 Kenneth Griswa

10 feet x 4 feet x 6" relief
16 oz. sheet copper with silver braze

This vacation residence has a view of Dinosaur Mountain & the Inspiration Ranges of Arizona, a pleasurable aspect for the clients. The wall space where the piece is hung is the foremost focal point upon entering the home.

Featuring a "landscape" of hammered and torch cut panels, the viewer is ablle to recognize the piece as a Triceritops dinosaur, mountain range/landscape, setting sun and rising moon (which is woven to emmulate a Native American prayer shield), and a profile of a Native American Chief with head band, spear and shield (upon viewing sideways... which was intentionally created into the piece when the client told me that, while lying in bed, she looks outside their bedroom's sliding glass doors and sees the mountain range as a profile of an Indian Chief...).

Original hand-made custom artwork by Kenneth Griswa