The Copper Flamingo Marquee "Dreamland"

Castro Valley, California.
©2003 Griswak

72" tall x 36" wide x 10" deep. 16 oz. sheet copper, copper rivets, adjustable rope lighting system and interchangeable lettering and track.

Inspired by Art Deco Theater Marquees & Pink Flamingos

One interesting thing about this piece is that its tower & "wings" and mini deco flamingo heads (capping each of the verticle rope lights) are all one folded piece of 16 oz. sheet copper (the rope light "wells" are seperate pieces). The light box is one piece of sheet copper, folded and riveted. The Crown is also made of one folded piece of sheet copper... and it "bobs" when there's wind.

Original hand-made custom artwork by Kenneth Griswa