Custom Copper Fountain and Wall Cladding

Danville, California
©2004 Kenneth Griswa

I had made a smaller design of this copper bamboo fountain which inspired the client's to commission this larger, custom version. The sound and sheeting effect of the water is very soothing, sounding a bit like crickets.

The fountain is just inside the entrance to the home. To the right is a small wet bar which I clad with hand hammered, torch fired patina sheet copper (what I refer to as copper "bark"). To the left is the dinning room.

The fountain is made entirely of copper pipe:
3", 2", 1" and 1/2", all type "L".
The copper bamboo sections are TIG welded with solid copper wire to make the joints.
The basins are folded single pieces of 16 oz. sheet copper (they do NOT have any welding, etc.... all one piece).
The bar is clad with relief hammered 20 oz. sheet copper.

Original hand-made custom artwork by Kenneth Griswa